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Networks at a Glance

Medical Costs

  • Networks generally have lower medical costs per claim than non-networks, especially at 18 months maturity.
  • Since 2017, non-network average medical costs per claim at six-months post-injury had been approximately 4% higher on average than network claims. The difference expanded to 7.5% in 2021.
  • Average medical costs at six-months post-injury for non-network – $2,721 
  • Average medical costs at six-months post-injury for network – $2,531 
  • Network medical costs were about 11% lower per claim at 18-months post-injury with non-network claims. 
  • Average medical costs at 18-months post-injury for non-network– $3,881 
  • Average medical costs at 18-months post-injury for network– $3,485 
  • A higher percentage of network injured employees received evaluation and management, physical medicine, and pharmacy services than non-network claims. A higher percentage of non-network injured employees received hospital services. 



Return to Work

  • Since 2012, network claims consistently report higher return-to-work rates than non-network claims. 
  • 94% of injured employees in network returned to work compared to 84% non-network.
  • There was a 36% increase in lost workday claims from 2019-2020 (99,880 from 73,632). Lost workday claims only involve work-related injuries reported by employers with workers’ compensation insurance that resulted in: the employee’s absence from work for more than one (1) day; an occupational disease or illness (even if the employee was never absent from work); or the employee’s death. 
    • The most claims came from the Transportation, Warehousing industry (5,656); followed by the Retail industry (4,985) – this is consistent with previous years.

Claims from TDI Systems Data Report

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